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Ever been scared of trying something new? Didn’t know if you would be good enough or could tackle the task? Follow Kerin as she learns how to conquer her fear of dance class. She learns that dedication and hard work are tools for gaining the confidence and courage needed to pursue her dreams.

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I really enjoyed reading Kerin Finds Her Beat. It is a great story of facing fears and overcoming them. The story has a very warm tone and the familial bond that is interwoven throughout the book is uplifting and relevant. The book is an easy read and I believe both adults and children will thoroughly enjoy it and root for Kerin's success. I would highly recommend this book as the values illustrated within the story line are enduring and relatable.
Kerin Finds Her Beat is a fun and sweet story that shares a young girl’s discovery of her love of dancing. She experiences encouragement from her family and kindness from her friends. An excellent read for children of all ages with the underlying message of the value of hard work and enjoying what you do!
Erin Richardson


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